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Panel of biomarkers improve sepsis Dx

Complex diseases such as sepsis tend to exhibit heterogeneity with regard to their symptoms. The availability of early and comprehensive diagnostics of the cause, treatment alternatives (e.g. antibiotic resistance) and the inflammatory and organ status of the patient is crucial for the outcome.
State of the art practice is to monitor a patient’s immune response with several biomarkers which are, in most instances, measured independently as single markers but at different time points. The results are interpreted by clinicians in conjunction with other clinical parameters.

ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015: Presentation of a study regarding reliable prognosis of mortality and kidney failure by a panel of biomarkers

In contrast to the above, we believe that the simultaneous (and parallel) measurement and evaluation of a set of biomarkers could improve the quality of clinical decisions. At ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015, organised by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, a first study dealing with the quality of prognosis for single inflammatory and kidney markers in comparison to a combination of two of these markers was presented. The study was carried out by the Clinics of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich in collaboration with Clinic Neuperlach of the Municipal Hospital Munich.

113 patients with septic shock were tested after admission to intensive care, and again 1 day after admission, with Cube Dx  hybcell Inflammation. 100µl of patient plasma were analysed in 20 minutes for several inflammatory and kidney markers. The low amount of sample and the ease of use enable a near-patient application.

The authors conclude that a combination of an inflammatory and a kidney biomarker leads to a significantly better prognosis than the use of single biomarkers, and can therefore more readily identify patients that are most critically affected by the disease. The authors recommend the simultaneous measurement of biomarkers to stratify a patient’s risk to die or of suffering critical kidney failure. (Click here to see the full poster or here to read the abstract). 

Cube Dx will continue to support this work on combinations of biomarkers. Not only will additional biomarkers in the panel be examined, but also combinations of 3 and 4 markers, and the results will be translated into a score.

So, Cube Dx‘ patient monitoring will be extended, so that beside levels and trends of single markers, scores – relevant for clinical decisions – will be presented on the report. Such clinical decisions include prognosis of mortality, of kidney failure and the necessity of renal replacement therapy.

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